Why do money transfers take up to 3-5 bank working days? What actual human work is involved? | Homework.Study.com (2024)

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Why do money transfers take up to 3-5 bank working days? What actual human work is involved?

Money transfer:

It is moving of money from one account to another. The statement might be for the same bank or different banks. There are charges incurred when doing a transaction, but this depends on the two financial institutions.

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When doing a money transfer, the money is not reflected in the account immediately. In most banks, it takes three to five working days for the...

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Why do money transfers take up to 3-5 bank working days? What actual human work is involved? | Homework.Study.com (1)

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Why do money transfers take up to 3-5 bank working days? What actual human work is involved? | Homework.Study.com (2024)
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