Grounded: How To Defeat Spiders (2024)

In Grounded, spiders are some of the most terrifying and challenging bugs to battle in the backyard, open-world setting. They come in all shapes and sizes, from black and yellow sinister Orb Weavers to ferocious Wolf Spiders, and they just keep getting bigger with the dreaded Black Widow and Broodmother bosses. That's not even mentioning water spiders and baby Spiderlings which, despite their small stature, can be tough beasties to contend with.

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Playing Grounded can feel like a test of might for arachnophobes, but often that's all part of the fun as many players face their fears and fight with the eight-legged giants. Many types of spiders have high health and deal attacks with significant damage, so test players' skill in combat and progression. This guide focuses on the most tactics to defeat the most commonly found spiders rather than bosses.

Updated April 23rd, 2024 by Russ Boswell: Dealing with and defeating spiders can be one of the biggest challenges that players will face in Grounded. These imposing enemies can down players in just a few attacks if they are unprepared and there are a variety of spider types that lurk around the yard. Once players know how to deal with a spider's aggressive attacks, it's usually quite a bit easier to take them down. To better help players with how to defeat the normal spiders that roam around Grounded, the following guide has been updated with a video.


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Players keen to bust open spider egg sacks best be prepared for a small army of Spiderlings to pop out and attack. Although the easiest of the spider family to defeat, small white Spiderlings with red, beady eyes can be dangerous in large numbers and have a similar jumping-style attack to mites.

If looking for Web Fiber, it's best to chop down lone webs while keeping a lookout for creepy critters, rather than destroy egg sacks, although sometimes Spiderlings can appear near spider lairs.

Diving Bell Spider

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Spiders on land are bad news enough but spiders that swim? It's enough to make anyone shudder, but that's what the Diving Bell Spider does in the large Koi Pond opposite the Great Oak Tree. To defeat Diving Bell Spiders, players need to craft and equip an underwater slashing or salty weapon like the Pebblet Dagger, as this arachnid is resistant to general stabbing and fresh flavors like mint.

Diving Bell Spiders go down in a few swipes so aren't too difficult to kill, but they can swim away making them slightly trickier and awkward to defeat. It's also best to take them on solo rather than try to fight too many at once. Equipping underwater breathing apparatus like the Gill Tube also makes the battle much more approachable.

Orb Weaver Spiders and Orb Weaver Juniors

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Orb Weaver Spiders and their Junior offspring are the easiest of the big spiders to kill in Grounded but can still be tough if not approached in the right way. They can be found throughout the backyard but most commonly in dry grassy areas. However, there is prep needed and tactics required for success:

  • Equip high-defense armor, such as the Acorn Armor set or, the toughest armor players have. Orb Spiders have strong attacks, so players need to maximize their defense stats as much as possible.

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  • Prep healing consumables for quick health restoration, like Fiber Bandages or smoothie recipes using the Smoothie Maker like Green Machine and Questionable Slop.
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  • Peep the Orb Spiders for their Creature Card to check for their weakness and vulnerabilities, so players can select the best weapon before the battle. Orb Spiders are weak to stab attacks, so players may want to choose weapons like the Spikey Sprig, Pebblet Spear, or higher tier rapier weapons like the Mosquito Needle that have a decent amount of speed and don't require too much stamina. Players may also want to do damage from a distance with a bow and arrow, but a better choice for players who have discovered and chopped crow feathers is the Crow Crossbow, which deals higher damage with the feather arrows equipped. A shield for blocking defense, like the Weavil Shield, is also helpful to block attacks.
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  • During the battle, a combination of stabbing and ranged weapons are handy. If running solo, players can shoot Orb Spiders from a distance to weaken them and then quickly stab them close-range while moving as much as possible, remembering to block attacks as needed. If teamed up, one or two players can draw the spider's attention and stab away while other players shoot arrows from a safe distance. It's worth bearing in mind that orb spiders also shoot webs, so players can either dodge or chop webs away if they get stuck.

Wolf Spiders

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Wolf Spiders, including the Infected variety, are one of the most aggressive and challenging spiders to defeat in Grounded and are much more dangerous than the Orb Weaver. They roam the grounds, with one even guarding the rusty-nail-impaled wooden slab on the East side of the Mysterious Machine, but are most commonly found by the Great Oak Tree. They are tough to kill especially for beginner players, but can be taken on with a few guidelines:

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  • As well as equipping strong armor and stocking up on healing supplies, it's also worth checking and selecting the best mutations for a battle with wolf spiders to help give players the edge, such as Fresh Defense to improve defense levels, or Mithridatism to improve resistance to poison. One of the reasons the Wolf Spider is so challenging is its poison attacks which drastically damage player health, so Mithridatism subverts its effects.
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  • One of the best weapons cited to defeat Wolf Spiders is the Mint Mace, as one of the most powerful weapons. However, it's only unlockable by collecting the chip in the Minotaur Maze when unlocking the Minotaur Maze Key Chest. However, the Wolf Spider Creature Card indicates it's also vulnerable to spicy attacks, plus slashing and chopping so choose weapons wisely.
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  • Lower-level players with lower-tier armor, weapons, and fewer mutations are likely to find killing Wolf Spiders very challenging or near-impossible. However, it can be done sneakily if players use the environment to their advantage and equip a bow and arrow. Players can carefully watch Wolf Spider patrol routes and can find one that nestles in front of a Milk Molar just around the corner from the entrance to the Oak Tree Lab.

If players sneak above the Wolf Spider and shoot arrows from above, they may be able to defeat it just with arrows, watching out for its giant jump. If not, wait till the spider stops by the Oak Lab entrance and rain arrows from above, watching as the spider is likely to get stuck. Players must be quick though otherwise there's the danger of it escaping, and its health does not take too long to regenerate.

If all else fails, there's no shame in shouting "Nope!" and running as fast as little Grounded feet can go, living to try again another day.

Grounded is available to play on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S, and is free to play on Xbox Game Pass.

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Grounded: How To Defeat Spiders (2024)
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