Eligible Cash App customers can access free overdraft coverage up to $50. (2024)

Cash App offers eligible customers free overdraft coverage that allows you to overdraw on your Cash balance for free. Cash App will never charge you any overdraft fees for overdrawing your balance.

Accounts may receive up to $50 in free overdraft coverage, but coverage limits for individual accounts will vary and can change over time. Currently, there is no action that can be taken to increase any account’s free overdraft coverage limit.

To access free overdraft coverage, you must:

  • Have an activated Cash App Card
  • Enable direct deposit
  • Direct deposit $300 or more every month in paychecks

Accounts that don’t meet eligibility requirements may lose access to overdraft coverage. Sponsored accounts for teens are also not eligible for overdraft coverage. ATM transactions and ACH transfers are not covered by free overdraft coverage.

Eligible Cash App customers can access free overdraft coverage up to $50. (2024)
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