Best Medium Weapons to Use in Deepwoken - Touch, Tap, Play (2024)

Deepwoken is a popular Roblox game featuring interesting battle mechanics, exploration, and of course the even more exciting factor known as permadeath. Players do their best to find their destiny as they travel across the seas, fighting various enemies and overcoming challenges in the process, provided they do not die in the game.

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The game features a robust battle system that includes a vast collection of weapons. These include Light Weapons, Medium Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Elemental Weapons, and Offhand tools or weapons that can be used to defeat foes. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Medium Weapons to use in Deepwoken. We’ll also discuss a little bit about each of them.

What are the best Deepwoken medium weapons?

Best Medium Weapons to Use in Deepwoken - Touch, Tap, Play (1)

Here are the best Medium weapons according to weapon type and base damage:

Shattered Katana

The Shattered Katana is an endgame sword-type weapon that requires 100 MED to be used. The high requirement is worth it, however, as the Shattered Katana boasts of 20 base damage, 7 scaling, and 0.74x swing speed. The sword also has 30% penetration, meaning it’s a very powerful weapon against armored foes.

This is one of only two swords that come with a sheathe. It cannot be purchased, and can only be obtained from chests located in various locations including Starswept Valley, The Depths, and Duke Erisia. The Shattered Katana was so powerful on release that the developers nerfed it, but it still remains one of the most recommended weapons by many players.


The Kyrsglaive is a medium spear that can be obtained from Layer 2. It is part of the Kyrs series of weapons. It requires 90 MED to be used, and like the Shattered Katana, is well worth the requirement. It has 20.5 base damage, 5 scaling, a very long range at 9, and 0.72x swing speed.

This powerful spear has 20% penetration and also has the Bleed effect, which adds 30% damage and causes blood loss in enemies. At 100 MED, the Kysrglaive does a massive 38.25 damage, including the bleed damage. Better select this weapon if you like Medium spears.

It’s worth noting that according to the developer, the Kyrsglaive is among the weapons with the highest win rate, particularly even among the Heavy and Light weapons. It is a highly recommended spear for those who want to use Medium weapons in Deepwoken.

Sacred Hammer

The Sacred Hammer is considered the endgame version of the Mace. While it has slightly weaker base damage compared to the latter at 19.5 versus 20, it does have higher scaling at 7 versus 5, and slightly faster swing speed at 0.73x versus 0.75x. It also has 10% penetration, allowing for more damage against armored foes.

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This blunt weapon can be acquired from Songseeker Wilds, Starswept Valley, and potentially Primadon. It can be used if the player has 65 MED, which means it can be a placeholder for the more powerful Medium weapons in this list. That said, it’s a good weapon on its own and should not be underestimated.

Iron Blunderbuss

Available via the Verse 2 update, the Iron Blunderbuss is a medium rifle weapon that’s comparable with another medium rifle, the Rosen’s Peacemaker. While the latter has higher max damage at 100 MED, the Iron Blunderbuss has higher base damage at 20, faster swing speed at 0.73x, and also has 25% penetration—something the other rifle doesn’t have.

Although some might say that Rosen’s Peacemaker is the better option because of its scaling, it only shoots out bullets when it makes a critical attack. The Iron Blunderbuss, on the other hand, shoots out bullets as long as the player has some in their possession, making it the better option for those who want the relative safety of fighting from a distance.

And that’s it for the best Medium weapons you can use in Deepwoken. Keep in mind that victory using these weapons is heavily dependent on the player’s skills and stats. Relying on these weapons does not automatically result in sure wins, so make sure to practice. If you want to get better at the game, here’s a quick look at the best races in Deepwoken.

Best Medium Weapons to Use in Deepwoken - Touch, Tap, Play (2024)
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